United Way of Bradford County

While our roots in Bradford County began in 1967, in 2006 smaller United Ways around the county merged to form United Way of Bradford County. Celebrating 44 years in 2021, we are excited to announce our theme “Together Again” as we launch our 2022 campaign that will run from September through December. 2021 was like no other with COVID and we are so appreciative of our community supporting us through all the difficulties. Our agencies overcame many obstacles and continued to provide exceptional services to our community. Thank you for your continued commitment to support our partner agencies in 2022.


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For those of you wondering how to help with the situation in Ukraine, see this letter from United Way Worldwide President Angela Williams.
Dear Colleagues:

The scale of civilian casualties in Ukraine is alarming and heartbreaking. In moments like these that the mission of United Way is most urgently needed.

I want to let you know that we have established the United for Ukraine Fund to support the vital work on the ground to help more than a million people who have fled the violence, looking for safety and desperate for hope.

We know these are just the early days in this crisis, and that the humanitarian needs will continue to grow. Through our trusted partnerships on the ground in Romania, Hungary, and Poland, we are addressing the immediate needs for those escaping the violence and looking for safety and hope. You should know that we are also including local funds from those countries for those who wish to provide direct support for work in one of these countries.

I hope you will please share information about our fund with your networks and in your community. Your generosity and support for the United for Ukraine Fund will make it possible for United Way and our partners to meet the escalating needs on the ground and provide life-changing aid and a bit of hope. As the crisis evolves United Way may identify additional partners on the ground to support the needs of refugees fleeing Ukraine.

In the meantime, I hope you will keep the millions of people in Ukraine and their families in your thoughts.
Thank you for making a difference in our global community!

Angela F. Williams