To schedule an appointment at the Area Agency on Aging in Towanda, please call 1-800-982-4346. Appointments for all other locations may be scheduled through the online scheduler at or by calling 1-866-839-0442 or 570-602-3132.

Please refer to our VITA Locations page for more information about available days and times per location.

For assistance preparing and filing a return that has not previously been filed, please review the following:


To comply with IRS guidelines, our preparers are unable to assist taxpayers whose returns have the following characteristics. You are, however, welcome to use our Do-it-yourself (DIY) software MyFree Taxes by United Way.

  • Taxpayers who are married, but are filing separately
  • Taxpayers who wish to claim solar installation tax credits
  • Taxpayers with income/loss from rental property
  • Taxpayers with foreign pensions


Note too, that our volunteers are not certified to prepare tax returns for Active duty members of the military or US citizens working overseas.


1. IRS Required to prevent Identity theft:

  • Social Security Card for each person listed on the tax return. 
    A document issued by the Social Security Administration containing at least the last four digits of the social security number will also suffice.  This includes the SSA-1099 provided at year end to individuals receiving social security benefits.
  • Picture ID for taxpayer (& spouse, if filing jointly)
    This can be a non-expired driver’s license or state ID card. Or it could be a current passport.

2. Proof of income like W2s and 1099s:

3. Documentation of expenses (if applicable)

4. If anyone in the household is insured through the marketplace

FORM 1095-A

5. If filing for the Property/Renter Tax Rebate Credit, and a renter: PA 1000 RC
completed by your landlord. If you are a property owner, please bring copies of
your school and property taxes.

PA 1000 RC


1. Accounts and routing numbers, for direct deposit of refunds

2. Prior year tax return